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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. As an Advocate, how do I submit a letter to a committee?
  2. What happens after I submit my letter of support or opposition?
  3. Why are there multiple committees listed for one bill?
  4. As an Advocate, is there some feedback or message provided when my submission has been accepted or rejected?
  5. How do I respond to a rejected letter?
  6. The client I represent does not display in the organization list. How do I create my client organization?
  7. How do I associate multiple organizations to a position letter?
  8. How do I send my letter to the Author staff?
  9. Can I delete a sent letter?
  10. How do I view letters that I have sent to a committee or author staff?
  11. As an Individual, how do I send comments to the committee?
  12. As an Individual, how can I upload and send letters to the committee?
  13. How do I create an account as a registered Lobbyist?
  14. How do I create an account to submit letters on behalf of my Organization?
  15. How do I create an account as an Individual, without affiliation?
  16. How often is the Advocacy website updated with Lobbyist data from the Secretary of State?
  17. During the account setup, providing email address is required. What types of email should I expect to receive while my account is active?