Welcome to the updated Position Letter Portal

This site was designed to facilitate the submission of position letters to committees as bills move through California’s legislative process. The site is still a work in progress and we are striving to provide you and committees with features that streamline the overall position letter process.

Who should use this site? Anyone wishing to submit a position on a California Legislative bill can use this site. Please note we have three categories of registrants:

  1. Registered Lobbyists with the Secretary of State
  2. Organizations – an individual affiliated with an organization
  3. Individuals

How Do I Get Started?

After completing a one-time registration to obtain a username and password, log in to submit your position letter as a registered lobbyist, organization or individual seeking to communicate your views to the bill author’s staff as well as the committee that will be hearing the bill.

I Need More Help

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We value your input which will help us further improve the position letter process.

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